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DataEd Webinar: Implementing Successful Data Strategies – Developing Organizational Readiness and Framework

Big Data projects have been about as successful as other IT projects – about 29% successful according to the 2015 Standish Group Chaos Report. Second, Data Scientists are generally assessed to be about 20% productive. The reason for both of these dismal statistics is simple—organizations are terrible about understanding how to use data as a strategic organizational resource. In fact, considering the data is our sole, non-depletable, non-degrading, durable strategic asset, it is really mind boggling how poorly it is managed.  Having an actionable data strategy is the first, most critical step in exerting positive control over data and leveraging it in support of your organization’s business strategy. 

This talk will simply describe:

  1. What a data strategy is and its key component pieces

  2. How to align your data strategy with your organization’s strategic imperatives while recognizing the constraints of current state capabilities; and

  3. How to develop actionable roadmaps that will add value to the organization’s ability to leverage and monetize its data most effectively.

Once understood, your organization will be better positioned to support its mission and take advantage of new and existing data sources while complying with relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

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