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RWDG Webinar: Apply Data Governance to Agile Efforts

About the Webinar

Data Governance Programs and Agile Data Projects are known to conflict when it comes to how the information and data is managed. Senior leadership has come to expect both the formal governance of data and data projects to be delivered quickly and effectively. These two requirements continue to cause problems.

Bob Seiner will discuss how to govern data during Agile projects during this month’s installment of the RWDG webinar series.  It is inevitable that governance and Agile need to work together and complement each discipline’s intended results. Bob will share several considerations for bringing the two together.

During this webinar Bob will discuss:

  • Looking for common ground to stand on
  • The data goals of an Agile effort
  • The Agile goals of a Data Governance program
  • Bridging the gap and building understanding
  • Steps to apply governance to Agile efforts

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