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Smart Data Webinar: Data Science and Business Analysis – A Look at Best Practices for Roles, Skills, and Processes

About the Webinar

Google “citizen data scientist” today and you will see about 1M results. That number is data. It may be interesting, but it is meaningless without context. Sometimes it appears that we are drowning in data from systems and sensors but starving for insights. We definitely produce more of the former than the latter, which has created demand for more powerful tools to simplify the process and lower the skills requirement for analysis. As vendors build systems to meet this demand, we hear about the coming ”democratization” of big data as more people at varying levels within organizations are empowered to find meaning and improve their own performance with data-driven insights. This is a good thing, but it does require caution.

To paraphrase Col Jessup in A Few Good Men: You want answers? You can’t handle the data.

In this webinar, we will survey emerging approaches to simplifying analysis, and discuss the benefits, dangers, and skills required for individuals and organizations to thrive in the brave new world of analytics everywhere, for everyone.

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