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DGPO Webinar: Best Practices in Implementing Data Governance Policies and Standards

This case study reviews TIAA’s approach to developing and establishing best practices within their Finance and Actuarial functions to implement Data Governance Policy and Standards.

How do you turn a dryly worded policy document into a dynamic set of practices that will engage your organization, focus on changing behaviors, and ultimately improve the quality of your data? This session will review our approach to engaging our 650-employee finance and actuarial team and building out an operating model necessary to implement the critical components of our policies and standards. TIAA has stepped away from the traditional audit/command and control approach used for most policy rollouts and built a practice based approach that is flexible enough to integrate into operational processes or the SDLC.

This presentation will cover:

– Challenges to policy/standard implementation
– Key success factors – what outcome do you really want?
– Components of a solid foundation within your policy to build upon
– Building accountability within your organization
– Establishing flexibility and autonomy into your operating model without losing transparency

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