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LDM Webinar: UML for Data Modeling – When Does it Make Sense?

About the Webinar

When most data architects think of data modeling, they think of Entity-Relationship modeling. But other notations exist for data modeling, and the UML has for many years been used by application developers and enterprise architects to describe data-centric systems. Is the divide simply a cultural one, then, with the ER and UML “camps” choosing sides? Or are there key technological difference to choose one notation over the other? Join our panel of experts to discuss the following topics:

  • ER vs. UML:  When to Use Each
  • UML for the Business Audience – Pros and Cons
  • UML for Database Design – Pros and Cons
  • UML in the Industry: Where It’s Been and where It’s Headed
  • Real World Use Cases for Data Modeling with UML

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