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RWDG Webinar: The New Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework

About the Webinar

Non-Invasive Data Governance is summarized as the practice of formalizing accountability for data and the application of governance to process. Non-Invasive Data Governance describes how data governance is applied to the organization rather than being forced into the environment. A NIDG framework will be introduced in this webinar.

In this month’s installment of the RWDG webinar series, Bob Seiner will present a new data governance framework that addresses the core components of data governance for each level of the organization. The resulting framework can be used for all approaches to data governance.

In this webinar Bob will discuss:

  • The five core components of a data governance effort
  • The five levels where the core components will be addressed
  • Detailed explanation of each component for each level
  • A diagram to complete the framework for your organization
  • A framework comparison across approaches

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