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Open Data Day Albany/Troy

This event has been organized by DAMA-NYCR member Ursula Kaczmarek:

What's Open Data Day?

Open Data Day is a collection of local gatherings of open government advocates, developers, programmers, statisticians, and citizens who want to build things with and promote the use of open data. The next Open Data Day is March 4, 2017! 

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DGPO Webinar: The Evolution of Data Governance – How Not to Fall into the Current State Trap, a Nationwide Finance Data Governance Perspective

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company’s Finance Data Governance journey began with a Data Management focused organization, concentrated on processing changes and production support. Through a multi-year Process Optimization effort, the team addressed pain points in Stewardship, Data Quality...

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RWDG Webinar: The New Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework

Non-Invasive Data Governance is summarized as the practice of formalizing accountability for data and the application of governance to process. Non-Invasive Data Governance describes how data governance is applied to the organization rather than being forced into the environment. A NIDG framework will be introduced in this webinar.

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Data-Ed Webinar: Data-Centric Strategy & Roadmap – Supercharging Your Business

In many organizations and functional areas, data has pulled even with money in terms of what makes the proverbial world go ‘round. As businesses struggle to cope with the 21st century’s newfound data flood, it is more important than ever before to prioritize data as an asset that directly supports business imperatives. However, while organizations across most industries make some attempt to address data opportunities (e.g. Big Data) and data challenges (e.g. data quality), the results of these efforts frequently fall far below expectations. At the root of many of these failures is poor organizational data management—which fortunately is a remediable problem.

This webinar will cover three lessons, each illustrated with examples, that will help you establish realistic goals and benchmarks for data management processes and communicate their value to both internal and external decision makers:

  • How organizational thinking must change to include value-added data management practices
  • The importance of walking before you run with data-focused initiatives
  • Prioritizing specification and data governance over “silver bullet” analytical tools

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to Nov 16

Insurance IoT Summit USA

  • Hilton Suites Magnificent Mile (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The inaugural and first-ever Insurance IoT specific conference took place in Miami last year. This year, the event organizer – Insurance Nexus – have moved the forum to Chicago on November 15-16 at the Hilton Suites Magnificent Mile...

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