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RWDG Webinar: Corporate Data Governance – The CDO is the Data Governance Chief

The CDO is a relatively new and evolving role. Many CDO job descriptions detail specific Data Governance responsibilities. Some CDO job descriptions read all-data-governance and all-the-time. It has become obvious. The CDO is the new chief of Data Governance.

In this Real-World Data Governance webinar, Bob Seiner and special guest Anthony Algmin will focus on the evolution of the Chief Data Officer role and associated responsibilities. Someone must lead Data Governance and the CDO is the obvious choice. Attend this webinar to learn why.

In this webinar, Bob will present:

    •    A Detailed CDO Job Description
    •    Why the CDO is the Data Governance Chief
    •    The Makeup of the Chief’s Tribe
    •    Lessons Learned from the CDO’s Office
    •    Suggestions for new and existing CDOs

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