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DGPO Webinar: The Evolution of Data Governance – How Not to Fall into the Current State Trap, a Nationwide Finance Data Governance Perspective

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company’s Finance Data Governance journey began with a Data Management focused organization, concentrated on processing changes and production support. Through a multi-year Process Optimization effort, the team addressed pain points in Stewardship, Data Quality...

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RWDG Webinar: The New Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework

Non-Invasive Data Governance is summarized as the practice of formalizing accountability for data and the application of governance to process. Non-Invasive Data Governance describes how data governance is applied to the organization rather than being forced into the environment. A NIDG framework will be introduced in this webinar.

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Webinar: Data Lake, Virtual Database, or Data Hub – How to Choose?

Data integration is just plain hard and there is no magic bullet. That said, three new data integration techniques do ameliorate the misery, making silo-busting possible, if not trivial. The three approaches – data lakesvirtual databases(aka federated databases), and data hubs...

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